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To Provide Quality Service
Create business alliance by adding value to our clients. We'll provide a professional service, ethical, accurate, and honest.
To grow our accounting and software firm to a multi million dollar company.
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We want to meet and exceed customer's expectations.

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Business & Finance Consulting
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Global Marketing Agency
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Product Consumption Analyses
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Charley Roserman
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Jennifer West
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James Trump
High-level Lawyer
Anna Foturna
Financial Consultant
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Corporate strategy for collaborative thinking
February 22, 2019
Corporate strategy for collaborative thinking
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Find Simple Solutions to Complex Challenges
February 22, 2019
Find Simple Solutions to Complex Challenges
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Ultimate Experiences With Story, Emotion and Attachment
February 22, 2019
Ultimate Experiences With Story, Emotion and Attachment
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QuickBooks Online

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$ 399 Monthly
  • Automated Real-Time Bookkeeping
  • Up To 2 Connected Financial Accounts
  • 100 transactions per account per month
  • Cash Accounting
  • Tax Compliance Calendar
  • Bill Pay
  • Quarterly Reporting
Scaling Business
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  • Automated Real-Time Bookkeeping
  • More than 3 Connected Financial Accounts
  • More than 100 transactions per account per month
  • Cash Or Accrual Accounting
  • Tax Filing / Forecasting (TaxMax)
  • Bill Pay w/1099 support
  • Monthly Reports
  • Payroll Management
  • State Sales Tax Filing
  • Invoicing
  • Employee Expense Management
  • Class Tracking

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