Tax Preparation 

Initial Consultation Fee

It is our policy to charge a fixed $150 for the initial income tax preparation consultation. This consultation provides us a chance to meet and discuss recommendations given your circumstances.  We will also provide general tax and/or accounting advice for your unique situation.  If you choose to become a client of A&H Tax Accountant, this initial fee will be applied to future services.

Estimated Fees for tax Preparation

It is always difficult to quote tax and accounting services because everyone situations and record keeping policy are different.  We will be glad to provide a detailed price quote during the initial consultation but following is a general idea of costs:

Basic Individual Tax Returns (Range $300 – $350)

Basic individual tax returns generally include some or all of the following items: wage, interest, dividends, minimal capital gain transactions, itemized deductions, and simple tax credits.

Intermediate Individual Tax Returns (range $350 – $600)

Intermediate tax returns generally include many of the items in the basic tax return and some of the following items: sole-proprietorship, rental property, farming, significant capital gain transactions, installment sales, minor tax research, depreciation and un-reimbursed business expenses.  There could be additional charges if bookkeeping is required on our part to assemble tax information for businesses, rental properties or farming activities.

Complicated Individual Tax Returns (range $600+)

More advanced tax returns often include many of the items identified above and require bookkeeping services and/or tax research. Due to the wide range of fees in this category it is best to meet with us to discuss your situation.

Business Tax Returns (range $550 – $1,000+)

Similar to complicated tax returns, business tax returns are difficult to estimate because no two returns are the same.  Factors such as record keeping, availability of tax information, accurateness, and timeliness can have significant impact on the fees involved.  Basic business returns generally costs around $600 to $800.  More advanced returns can run $2,000 – $3,000.