Top ten questions to ask yourself if you need a QuickBooks tune-up?

  1.       What in the world am I doing and how do I do this?

  2.       Are my chart of accounts classified correctly?

  3.       What is a fixed asset and does this expense belong there?

  4.       Where did my entry go?

  5.       Why does my bank account reconcile last month and not this month?

  6.       Am I wondering if I’m maximizing QuickBooks potential for my business?

  7.       Does the term double entry mean entering it twice?

  8.       I look at the balance sheet and wonder where the millions are?

  9.       When I start my data entry, do the dirty dishes in the sink call my name and I obey?

10.       When I go to open up QuickBooks, does my stomach get queasy?


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